Friday Poem: Pivot Point

Pivot Point

I am not interested in being the child
of death and rage
I’m sorry for my outburst, but were you even listening?
There is more at stake here
than your petty ego.
It has never been about
what you want,
or care about.
It’s not about
the end of days, either,
though we do like our ecstasies of fear
in this town.
Let’s be real:
You are pivotal, just
like the rest of us.
But where do we turn on the pivot point?
That’s another question.




About This Poem
I’m… not entirely sure where this poem came from. It’s from my own personal NaPoWriMo. I wrote it on the downtown R train at a late hour of the night. It’s a lot angrier than I really understand myself to be, especially given that I’m not sure what exactly it’s about. I’d love comments or critique, as always.


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