Who Am I?

2014-10-10 10.30.50

Hello! I’m Robin Goodfellow Malamud. I’m a poet, linguist, activist, and vagabond.

I graduated from a four-year college at a SUNY school in May 2015 and have since been exploring what it means to be a queer adult in this world of ours through internships, fellowships, therapy, jobs, poetry, and volunteering. This blog has two faces: one is a journal-like personal blog through which I work some of this stuff out and two is poetry, because if I didn’t write poetry I wouldn’t be me.

Most posts on this blog will have Content Notes (CN), even for minor mentions of potentially triggering content. I believe in creating a safer space by giving people all the information they need to manage their triggers and to engage with full autonomy. My goal with any space I participate in or create, including this one, is to build a culture predicated on consent, personal autonomy & agency, and sustainability. So with that in mind, please let me know if I’ve left out any triggers, and I will tag accordingly.


Find me all around the Internet as theleakypen (or oneleakypen where theleakypen is already taken).
Pronouns: ve/ver/vis/verself or they/them/theirs/themself
Assorted Labels: white, Jewish, atheist, genderqueer, polyamorous, panromantic, immigrant, polyglot, geek



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Oh hey! If you’re interested in some rad trans*/queer T-shirts, you can help me out by using my referral page for Legalize Trans*.


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