Friday Poem: When I was a kid…

This is something I worked on in my Music Therapy Group. We looked at Andrea Gibson’s poem “Andrew” and wrote our own responses to it starting with the line “When I was a kid…”

Mine looked something like this:

When I was a kid
I took on many roles:
                Blue and Yellow Ranger
                Sailor Mercury and Tuxedo Mask
and saw no contradiction in it.
Fighting evil on the back porch
or swimming with Neptune at the beach,
legs turned into dolphin tail, making bottlenose noises in the banya.
I never cared to have a leading role,
was happy to cede Red Ranger or Princesshood
to my friends.
I’d happily serve so long as I could shapeshift too.



It’s taken on several iterations since then, but I haven’t quite become satisfied with it. It’s gotten both longer and shorter; I’ve taken the ’90s kid references out and put them back in… It’ll probably go through more iterations until it’s complete, and I’ll happily take comments and critique, even in this half-formed state.


Family, Friends, and Passover 2015

You may note that I have been absent from this blog for a while. The reason, you see, is in the title of this blog post.

Although I don’t believe in supernatural things like God or Gods, I do still identify as Jewish and celebrate accordingly (although I observe rather more haphazardly than I celebrate). This year, following the words of the Haggadah (“Let all who are hungry come and eat. Let all who are needy share the hope of this Passover celebration”), we had guests from quite far off at our seder——my eldest sister Olga’s friends from back in Kharkov who are now living in Israel and Canada. They’re all lovely people and I’m glad that now I’m old enough to become acquainted with them on my own terms and not just as Olga’s kid sibling. Also, they’re all pretty good at using the name Robin for me rather than my given name, so that’s refreshing.

Oh, speaking of names & gender! My mother and I went to the Park Slope Food Coop to get me a membership (my parents are both already members) and my mother introduced me as her child and asked to get a form “for them”. Progress!

With Olga’s friends, we wandered around the city, visited the Cloisters, and basically walked around a lot. It was a great time, reminded me of how much I love the city, and kept me away from the computer for hours on end——that last is both a positive and a negative. On the one hand, staring at a computer screen all day is hardly beneficial to my health or outlook on life. On the other hand, keeping up with my e-mail, doing the work that pays me money, and writing in this blog are all things I care about, so not being able to do them is pretty frustrating.

Working out the balance between hanging out outside and doing computer-online-things is… an ongoing challenge. Let me know if any of you have figured out the perfect balance, because I sure haven’t!

Meanwhile, I’m delighted that we’re finally in spring and that I can just walk around in tank tops and shirts rather than hoodies and winter coats.

I also started going to yoga regularly at YogaVida, since they have a first-timer deal of $20 for 2 weeks of unlimited yoga classes. That has been feeling good, although I feel uncomfortable with the idea of being yet another white person doing yoga just for the health benefits. I use as my guide this excellent article from Everyday Feminism and I plan to explore the various limbs of yoga more deeply, so that at least I can understand what it is that I am practicing.

So that’s me for the past couple of weeks. I’ll see you on Friday for poetry day!