Blogging is Hard But Probably Worthwhile?

So that hiatus ended up lasting 2.5 months instead of just one, huh.

I really want to do creative things publicly more often. I’ve thought about starting a vlog more and more lately, since I tend to be pretty personable face-to-face. Maybe I could embed videos in here, so as not to have created this space in vain?

I’ve thought about posting poems here more often, but I’m a little nervous about what that might mean for things like journal submissions (which is probably a moot point, given that I haven’t completed any submissions since I applied for the Ruth Lilly and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Fellowship earlier this year (I didn’t make it into the finals, in case you’re wondering).

It’s also difficult because I’ve been making a concerted effort to do my paid work on a more regular schedule. I freelance, doing linguist annotation for various folks on contract, so if I don’t force myself to work, work doesn’t get done. And I get paid hourly, so I have to put in the hours to get the money. So that’s been a priority for me, which has led personal creative endeavours to fall by the wayside.

Still, I do think blogging regularly is worth doing. I’m going to try to stick to a more regular schedule, probably something like once a week, though we’ll see. Any poems I post are gonna be reposts from elsewhere on the Internet, which’ll be good because I’ve been meaning to consolidate all of my scribblings into a single location. Other than that, it’ll probably just be ramblings about my life, kinda like this.

If anyone has any ideas about formats, contents, and just general blogging advice for a total newbie, that would be much appreciated. Also I’ve been thinking a lot about zines… so perhaps something may come of that.


May Is The Hectic-est Month: Personal & NaPoWriMo Update

Hey, everyone.

So I haven’t been great at updating this blog lately. I was trying to avoid doing a State Of The Blog post so early in the game, but since I had promised to do a poem a day and was clearly not delivering, I figured I’d better explain why.

So, first off, I have been writing poetry. It hasn’t been a poem a day, but it’s been greater output than in previous months. A lot of it has been in my handwritten journals, so typing it up has been an obstacle (especially with WordPress formatting to contend with). So my plan currently is to return to my regular update schedule of Tuesday Personal Blog and Friday Poem starting next week, and thus I’ll catch people up on my NaPoWriMo poems in that way.

Things getting in the way of me blogging have been:

  1. Busy family weekends galore (60th birthday! Russian Music Festival! ETC!)
  2. Needing to help siblings with their kids gets in the way of getting stuff done on the computer
  3. A lot of self-hatred has come up out of nowhere. I’m dealing with it through therapy & journalling, but it has made it hard to get things done that I want to get done.
  4. Events in Manhattan or Brooklyn when I live in Staten Island = tons of extra travelling which leads to much less computer time

So these are all just excuses. I get that. But part of getting better is trying and falling down and trying again. I failed in a daily-update schedule, but I’m glad I made the commitment to do that, even though I fell down in the first week or two. Because the attempt itself was worthwhile.

I’m going to go back to my regular update schedule mentioned above and see how that works. I have a feeling that I’ll feel a whole lot better about that commitment.